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Dive into the twisted realm of "Devilivery"! Guide our charming, unnamed protagonist through eerie 2D landscapes teeming with demonic adversaries like Eyeballs, Slimes, and Worms. Battle your way through the sinister underworld on a mission to fulfill your devilish boss's bizarre delivery requests. Embrace the darkness and deliver chaos in this wickedly delightful adventure!

Controls :

WASD / Arrow Keys for movement

Left mouse button to interact/shoot

Team :

Programming : Viktor

Art : Manisha

Music & SFX : George and Dale

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(3 total ratings)
AuthorsBlue Pin Studio, Manisha W
GenreAction, Shooter
Made withConstruct
TagsLudum Dare 53, Side Scroller
LinksLudum Dare


Devilivery Linux.zip 136 MB
Devilivery Windows.zip 116 MB


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I think I'll break this review into individual sections since this was a team project.


  • The colors felt very cohesive. Nothing in the game leapt out visually as if it didn't belong there.
  • The requested item sprites looked great to me. Even if the labels were removed, I still would have been able to pick the right item.
  • I really loved the torch animation. It feels really organic while still being simple.
  • I did feel like the slimes and eyeballs could have been given more organic animations. I expect slimes to have a gelatinous movement. The eyeballs stuck out the most because, as far as I could tell, they weren't animated. If you had given them one or two trailing tendrils, it would have really given the eyeballs some "juice."
  • Overall, I'd give the art 5 stars for being so good for a 72 hour jam.

Music / SFX

  • The music really meshed well with what I was seeing.
  • The battle theme really conveyed a sense of emergency/action.
  • I liked the main menu music, but it felt a little of place to me personally. I think it was too "bubbly" compared to the rest of the music. That was the only thing that sticks out to me music wise.
  • SFX were spot on. I know this sounds like lazy feedback, but it is an important aspect of giving the player feedback so they quickly know what's going on. 
  • I find SFX hard because not only does it have to give the player feedback, but it shouldn't be obnoxious, too quiet, or generally not sound like you would expect. This wasn't an issue at all for me. 

Design / Gameplay

  • This game really sticks to keeping a small scope when participating in a jam, while still keeping it fun. Stripped down to it's core its just a simple fast paced shooter where you only had to survive for so long before you can retrieve the requested item three times. This sounds boring, but your execution of the concept is well made with the assets made for the game.
  • This game might be the best jam game I've played in terms of giving player feedback. I can't think of a single instance where I expected some kind of feedback and it wasn't there. Taking damage, dealing damage, receiving power-ups, etc were all very clear and what I expected.
  • It was always clear what I had to do next. I didn't have to take a moment to figure where to go next.
  • It took some time to figure out how I felt about the parallax scrolling background, but I think I liked how subtle it was. I didn't notice it until my second playthrough, which initially made me think that it should have been more noticeable. However, when I did notice it, I had a "oh that's cool" moment. So maybe subtle was the right way to go.
  • In my experience, I see a lot of jam games have issues with layers that are above the player. Sometimes its a speed issue, but the common issue has been object sizes. I've encountered games where I have missed something like a platform because an object above the player and platform was completely obscuring it. This wasn't an issue in this game because the candles never covered up anything that was critical.

Overall, I think this is a top-notch Ludum Dare Entry, as well as a great example of what can be accomplished by a team that clearly works well together under a crunch. Fantastic job!


Thank you so much for the amazing review Dan! Appreciate you taking the time to do that while giving the game multiple tries! I'm so glad you liked the art. We will be keeping all feedback in mind if we manage to make time to polish up this entry in the future! It truly was a team effort!